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Learning the Hard Way pt 3

Mascot gone bullying speaker

Monday morning. The hype of the weekend has burnt off and I am back to my normal practice working on my headspins. I see an upside down blurry figure enter the room. I pull out of my spin and it takes an extra second for the cheer coach to come in to focus. “Josh, the […]

Changing our Culture

Changing Our Culture

For a little over a year now I’ve been working with an organization called CAPS in Long Island, NY. They’ve been doing some great work out there in the school and communities and I’ve learned a lot from them. One of the prevailing themes that I’ve come across in our work together is the bullying […]

Defeat Bullying Positively

Josh Drean : Defeat Bullying Positively

It’s my catchphrase and one of my cleverer ideas (despite what my wife says). It’s clever because it has a double meaning: 1. To use positive emotion to defeat bullying, and 2. To defeat bullying once and for all. This is pretty much my goal as a speaker, to use positive emotion to eliminate bullying […]