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Are you tired of bullying speakers using scare tactics to try and reach your students?

Psychologists have found that the most influential bullying programs incorporate positive emotion.

Josh delivers an engaging and powerful bullying presentation by drawing on his mascot experience and psychology background to equip students with the strategies and skills they need to eliminate bullying.

Anne Michelle Argyle, Psychologist
Bruce Griffieon, Principal
David Turner, Principal
Rachel Kreger, HS Sophomore

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Middle/High School: Represent!

Current research shows 3 principles will defeat bullying: resiliency, empathy, and self-worth:

Josh delivers an engaging presentation to teach these important social and emotional skills based on his experience as a college mascot. Students discover the 3 rules of mascotting: keep your head on, know your audience, and be the hero, each of which ties back to Resiliency, Empathy, and Potential (self-worth), which stands as an acronym for the number one job of a mascot: REPRESENT. Students will learn how to REPresent themselves online and at school by standing as an ideal for others to rally behind.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Inspire students to represent themselves well in their social and physical interactions with others
  2. Develop resiliency by learning to cope with, stand up against, and report any instances of bullying
  3. Teach empathy by combatting stereotypes, judging others, and learning to walk in someone else’s shoes
  4. Help students remember their self-worth by embracing their uniqueness
  5. Construct an understanding of students’ moral responsibility to their school and peers

Elementary: Suit Up! A Mascot’s Guide to Prevent Bullying

Josh uses highly interactive activities and question-response techniques to help young students develop simple definitions of bullying, empathy, and the golden rule. They will explore engaging scenarios on what it means to “REPresent” themselves well at school: Report it, Extend a hand, and Play nice. Students will participate in learning that you can have fun AND respect each other at the same time.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define bullying and its consequences
  2. Learn strategies and skills to help prevent bullying
  3. Establish an easily understood code of conduct
  4. Learn how to report instances of bullying
  5. Develop a basic understanding of empathy for their peers

Teachers: The YES Model: Redefining School Discipline to Empower Students

Josh helps teachers take responsibility for the school’s anti-bullying policies without making them feel like it’s “one more thing” added to the curriculum plate. Teachers will discover the YES (Youth Empowered School) model, a ground breaking new Whole-School model that focuses on establishing a cultural minded group of students, developing, establishing a clear set of expectations, and holding students accountable for their actions. Josh helps teachers understand in detail how teens are using technology and how to guide their students to become worthy digital citizens.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to recognize and deal appropriately with bullying
  2. Develop short and long term classroom relationship management skills
  3. Build appropriate relationships through open communication and establish expectations
  4. Easily integrate the school’s bullying policy into school curriculum
  5. Work with parents to create a safe school environment

Parents: Defeat Bullying on the Home Front

With parents, Josh hacks at the root of the bullying issue: offering a sense of significance and belonging to students at home. He suggests simple, research-based strategies to defeat bullying at home, such as holding family meetings, reinforcing positive behaviors, how to draw boundaries, and empathizing with their child’s emotional state. Josh shows how students might be using technology in the home and how to find the balance between trust and control with their teens. They will learn details of the school’s specific anti-bullying policies and how to appropriately work with school leaders to address any incidents of bullying.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Reinforcing positive behaviors in their children
  2. Creating an environment for open communication
  3. Standing as a model of non-violence and correct living
  4. Learning to recognize signs of bullying behavior
  5. Understanding when and how to report instances of bullying