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Josh can help your brand reach your target audience in a fresh and positive way!

Josh interacts with 100s of schools and 1000s of teens each year. He has joined forces with several brands to create life-changing experiences for young millennials. Josh helps to establish brand loyalty by integrating your values into his message. The possibilities are endless to position you where you want to be seen.

Josh Drean is one of the most creative, energetic, inspiring speakers I’ve seen. From empowering youth to teaching leadership in the education and corporate realm, Josh is entertaining in his delivery and authentic in messaging. A powerful man in the speaking world!

– Jason Hewlett

NSA Hall of Fame Speaker

I’ve been extremely impressed on the way Josh interacts with his online audience. Not only does he deliver pertinent content, but he created a forum for discussion. It’s truly impressive.

– Kevin Jones Giddins

Speaker, Franklin Covey

From the moment I met Josh I knew he was an amazing talent. Our first interaction was of course filmed and that’s exactly where Josh belongs, on video entertaining and inspiring people. If you haven’t checked out his content you need to, right now. Just scroll up or down!

– James Shiner

CEO & Founder of YellingMule

I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with Josh and I must say, he has great control of the crowd.

– Ty Bennett

Author, Partnership is the New Leadership