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Meet Josh!

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Josh is a professional beatboxer and street performer. He has shared the stage with some of the best in the world.

Josh speaks in over 150 schools and conferences each year.

Selfie with students

Josh on colorful background
Ben Kelly, High School Principal

The “Josh Drean” patch. Produced by The Girl Scouts of America.

girl scout badges

This assembly should be mandated at every school! Josh Drean was the very best I’ve ever seen.

- James McCoy

Principal, CHS

Josh films a daily vlog to engage his audiences beyond the presentation.

Josh skateboarding

Josh loves cat videos, memes, and apparel...don’t laugh.

Josh and students with cat shirts

Josh was a college mascot for BYU. Cosmo the Cougar!

Josh as Cosmo the mascot

Josh is currently pursuing a masters degree in business management at Harvard University.

Josh in Harvard sweatshirt

In the News

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Alison Gennai, High School Principal

Josh is a professional MC and can host any event, from 5k color runs to award ceremonies.

Josh at ride or die

Josh is founder of the You Got Served! Foundation where volunteers participate in service-oriented pranks.

Josh dressed as a homeless guy

Cardboard cutout, anyone?

cardboard cut out

Josh’s presentation is entertaining and interactive.

Josh onstage dancing with students
Josh onstage

Josh lives in Boston with his wife Lauren, baby Tristan, and super dog Tonks!

Josh and family

Josh’s skateboard travels everywhere with him.

Travel bag

We were amazed and excited by how Josh could hold students' attention for an hour. That’s unheard of!

- Jennifer Coleman

Principal, SDJH




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